The objective of the quality and environmental management system implemented in STOLLER EUROPE, S.L.U. is to guarantee that the organization understands the express or implicit needs of its interested parties, carrying out its activity (manufacturing, marketing, packaging and sale of fertilizer products) with a level of quality that satisfies their requirements and provides them with satisfaction.

To achieve thiswe concentrate our efforts and dedication on: 

  • Facilitating our clients with the service that is the object of our activity, meeting their needs and, if possible, exceeding their expectations.
  • Evaluating our activities, products and services, monitoring their impact on the environment, examining their significant aspects and applying, as far as possible, the principle of pollution prevention.
  • Providing our staff with the motivation, training, information, equipment and infrastructure that allows them to carry out their tasks with an optimal level of efficiency.
  • Complying with current legislation and regulations on quality and the environment within a policy of continuous improvement of our attitude and behavior in all areas of integrated management, including the commitment to prevent pollution.
  • Ensuring a supplier base with whom we can work closely.
  • Continuously improving our processes and services through the application of driving principles based on the concepts of quality and participatory management, also determining the means to prevent non-conformities and eliminate their causes.
  • This quality and environmental policy and the commitment of our management are based on more specific measurable objectives, the monitoring of which is carried out in the reviews that management carries out on the system and whose compliance is controlled through data analysis, taking into account all the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the proper functioning of the activity.



At Stoller Europe we are highly committed to the Quality Management System and continuous improvement. Therefore, we constantly work so that our manufacturing, packaging, marketing and sale processes are excellent, we have the support of the ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001:2015 Certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Download


ISO 14001:2015 Certificate Download